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XACTV Network News 1.21.21

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Recent SMI data shows that U.S. national advertisers across all verticals have allocated only 47% to TV/Video vs. 53% to digital. This shift from “sight, sound and motion” (TV/video) to “sight alone” (digital display, print, outdoor) over the past number of years, runs in contrast to the impact that TV has when compared to other media. Among the research referenced in support of TV/Video, Nielsen NC Solutions study showed how linear TV doubles the ROI of digital display; more than making up for its higher CPM. Similarly, An Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) study showed that linear TV generates about 20% more sales per GRP than it did 30 years ago. The reason for this is due to the fact that each GRP now represents +45% more U.S. homes/population now than it did in 1980. “TV in a realistic sense is an even better buy now than it ever has been.” (MediaVillage: 1/14/21)


Due to COVID-19 some brands pulled back on their advertising. However, P&G increased its outreach to consumers by airing 22% more spots (Radio, broadcast TV and cable) in 2020 (23.2 million) vs. 2019 (18.9 million). Brands include Tide, Gain and Downy; Bounty paper towels; Febreze fabric softener; and Charmin bath tissue. Among single brands, Geico, was once again the nation’s leader airing nearly 7 million times across local cable (#1), broadcast TV (#1) and radio (#2). The article goes into more detail ranking the top 10 brands for broadcast, cable TV, and Radio. (RBR: 1/13/21)


America’s TV viewing habits changed as a result of the pandemic and more newly found free-time than ever before. One way viewers are staying up-to-date is by “flocking to their local TV news channels” for reports on the latest COVID-19 information and political news. While 25-54 year old viewership has increased by 10%, youth and teen viewership increased by 20%, indicating co-viewing. Beyond the news, Entertainment remains important, and according to Nielsen, sports broadcasts were among the top TV programs that viewers tuned into last year. Though these TV viewing habits have been shaped by the pandemic, Nielsen says “in all likelihood, the atypical nature of the year will be profound enough to drive permanent shifts in consumer behavior, including media consumption.” (SalesFuel)


Syndicators look beyond linear TV alone, to maximize the audiences of every piece of content they produce. Companies in the space need to consider how streaming platforms fit into their distribution models. However, the goal of landing them on TV stations is still “first and foremost”. Included for a fall 2021 release: Fox’s You Bet Your Life, starring Jay Leno; Debmar-Mercury’s Nick Cannon, the launch of which was delayed last year; and Sony Pictures Television’s The Good Dish. “That said, don’t be surprised if these new shows also show up on non-broadcast platforms.” Despite all the fragmentation, one bright spot is that digital viewers are not linear viewers so one does not cannibalize the other. (NEXTTV: 1/18/21)


TV stations continue to hold fundraisers to help food banks provide food for the hungry; many of them seeking help for the first time due to COVID. One food bank in particular surpassed its 20 million meal goal. In Seattle, KING, Tegna’s NBC affiliate, and its 20th annual Home Team Harvest campaign raised a record 23 million meals for Northwest Harvest, a food justice organization working statewide to end hunger and address the root causes of poverty. Gray’s NBC affiliate, WMTV in Madison, WI, announced its 25th NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign raised 6.3 million meals, topping its 5 million goals, while Gray’s CBS and Fox affiliates, WSAW and WZAW in Wausau, WI., raised more than $200,000, which will be split between Wausau Salvation Army and The Neighbor’s Place. (TVNewsCheck: 1/15/21)

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