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According to Hub Entertainment Research’s annual Evolution of Video Branding survey, “the eight leading video streaming services have brand awareness for over 90% [while] far fewer viewers are able to articulate brand propositions for these services.” 79% of viewers felt they could explain what Netflix does, followed by Amazon’s Prime Video at 69%, Disney+ at 67%, HBO Max at 63%, and Hulu at 62%. Paramount, Apple TV+, and Discovery+ all came in at 50% or lower. In sum, “consumers are choosing among a well-known set of brands without a clear understanding of what differentiates them.” One reason for this is that 41% of consumers also claim to have signed up to a service for a specific show. (MediaPost: 3/9/23)


Antenna TV is back as cord-cutters have rediscovered that they’re a reliable way of watching broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX for free. 18% of TV viewers owned an antenna last year and the Consumer Technology Association “estimates that there will be around 8.5 million antenna sales this year alone.” The E.W. Scripps company quietly bought a Canadian Tablo DVR for cord-cutters called Nuvyyo. “With cable TV audiences declining, over-the-air seemed like the best bet to reach millions of eyeballs that the company can then monetize with advertising.” It’s no surprise that “free streaming channels are booming” as well. Many of these ad-supported networks are available completely free, on any smart TV “with no need to pay for cable or hook up an antenna.” (TheVerge: 3/10/23)


Last year, “advertisers for tax services spent nearly $384mm on ads.” Advertisers allocated their budgets to a lot of ads in the beginning of 2023 and “of the $108mm dedicated to national advertising in January, nearly $75mm went to TV (70%), especially on CBS, NBC, and FOX, which received 53% of TV budgets ($39.4mm).” Tax services are targeting adults 65+ via cable or satellite and millennials via online video such as YouTube gaming, music, and society & culture channels. Also, “in 2023, tax service advertisers spent $1.7mm on OTT ads across Peacock, Pluto TV and Hulu” which accounted for 70% of OTT spending. (MediaRadar: 3/2/23)


TVREV’s TV by the numbers highlights the top shows and networks for the week of March 6-12. With March Madness approaching, watch time for men’s college basketball increased up to 4.16% (from 2.28% the week before), while the 2023 PGA Players Championship “swings into” second place with 1.48% of minutes watched, and the Oscars took fourth place at 0.91%.  Other shows on the list include, early morning news (e.g. GMA, Today, CBS Mornings), comedies (e.g. Friends, The Big Bang Theory), game shows (e.g.The Price is Right, Family Feud), evening news (ABC, NBC) and Dramas (NCIS, Blue Bloods, Law & Order SVU). (TVREV: 3/14/23)


If you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in cinematic style, SF Chronicle’s DATEBOOK curated five award winning films to help you explore Irish culture; all available on American streaming platforms: The Banshees of Inisherin, Love Yourself Today, Belfast, The Wonder, and Mandrake. Or, if your interests are closer to home, Vulture compiled a list of St. Patrick’s Day episodes, including It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bob’s Burger, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, The Office, and more. (Datebook: 3/10/23) &. (Vulture: 3/15/23)