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At the recent ANA Media Conference held in Orlando, four key themes emerged in panels on measurement. First is “the breaking down of siloes” as measurement is more focused on addressing all parts of the “media ecosystem”, with all players being invited into the conversations on media measurement and performance. Second is the importance of interoperability as “cross-platform and cross-screen measurement is a top priority for media professionals today.” The third theme, “a spotlight on privacy” addresses the balance of understanding “who saw which ad when, and what action, if any, a person took in response” with the need to keep customer data private. The fourth theme, “an eye on multicultural media” describes how investments support equity, expand reach, and “can help move the needle on measurement. (The Drum: 2/17/23)


The Video Advertising Bureau announced at last week’s ANA Media Conference that the industry’s sell-side “JIC” (Joint Industry Council) was created to “certify multiple new advertising currencies used to buy and sell TV and premium video advertising.” When asked how it differs from the Cross-Media Measurement platform that the ANA is developing with input from the VAB and other partners, the representative referred to it as a “council” and not a “committee” and that it is “not looking to count currencies”, nor is it “looking to be a currency”. Further, “It’s just looking to be a council that is looking to be unifying. And also looking to collaborate with buyers and sellers.” (MediaPost: 2/20/23)


New research from MediaScience for Comcast found that traditional TV commercials are more effective than mobile ads. Among the respondents, “94% of the TV viewers saw the commercial that was presented twice in the content they were watching and 71% of the ad message’s content was seen”; yielding an average unaided recall level of 44%. “In contrast, 64% of the mobile viewers saw the average commercial, and those who did see the ad viewed only 30% of its content. This yielded an average unaided recall score of 20%. Noted in fairness to mobile, “it may be unrealistic to use 30-second commercials on this platform due to the lower attention spans of such audiences.” (Media Dynamics: 2/15/23)


TVREV rounded up the most-watched TV shows and networks from the week ending February 19. Sports like men’s college basketball and PGA Tour Golf fill the top spots now that the NFL season has ended. Other highly viewed programs include morning shows (e.g. Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Mornings), game shows (e.g. The Price is Right, Family Feud), news (ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt), dramas (e.g. Law & Order SVU, Blue Bloods, Chicago PD, NCIS), and of course, Friends. (TVREV: 2/21/23)


Parents Britney and Frankie Alba of Tuscaloosa Alabama were invited on The Today Show with their two sets of identical twins … two boys (18 months) and two girls (4 months). While the girls slept soundly through the interview, the boys roamed the set, causing one of the hosts (Sheinelle, a mom of twins, herself) to play babysitter during the interview. Jenna and crew gifted the Albas (she’s a teacher and he’s a Firefighter) with matching strollers and a year of free diapers. (TODAY: 2/23/23)